Monday, March 11, 2013

And It is Official...

Okay people here is what you all have been dying to hear all weekend... I spilled the beans to a few people over the weekend - because they asked and could not stand the suspense any more!

I am officially a soccer mom. Not only that but a soccer mom who happens to coach a little crowd of 3 yr olds! We had a coaches meeting tonight. The girls went because R is going to be on this soccer adventure with E and me. E picked out our team color - orange. I told her we could not be pink or purple - her first two choices - because the boys on the team would not be down with those colors.

I think we'll be the fireflies... If we need a mascot

Not sure what I think about 'coaching' these kiddos for 45 mins every Monday and then having 4 vs 4 games later in the 'season', other than Whoa. This is going to be hilarious.

Totally could be regretting this whole experience as that practice/games are at 6... UGH! HELLO Nash County children should be in bed shortly after 7 to ensure their parents sanity. Plus Papa cannot be counted on to help with R as that it is work/busy season - which I knew going into it. So this could be totally great because it will keep everyone's mind off Papa not being home for dinner OR it could be a total bust that I am now officially committed to for the next two months.

Nani said she would come take some pics because clearly you all need visuals of the awesomeness that is about to happen.

So there you have it... Our news. Hope you aren't too disappointed.

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  1. That is so exciting!! I wish we had pee-wee leagues in our area!!