Friday, March 8, 2013

Confession of the Germ-a-phob Mama

As mentioned Papa and a small army of church volunteers invaded our kitchen. I hustled the girls into the house and grabbed the knob and there is a layer of chopped pork goodness on the door. Ugh! Then bam the smell of kielbasa hits us like a dumbbell falling from the sky. Did I mention that it would make a killer Yankee Candle scent? Sneak R into her bed and get her back to sleep for the nap. Next E lunch. How to make lunch when there is pork C-O-V-E-R-I-N-G the kitchen. Cheese rolly-pollies and PBJs. Go to push E into her chair and ICK more pork-o. Shutter! After nap R proceeded to crawl on the unmopped floor... Ahhhhhh! Gag! Insert mad dash to bathroom and sanitize hands.

I may or may not have crazily washed my hands every 2.5 secs. the entire afternoon

Its all in the name of church fundraiser so I am 100% backer - so long as at the end of the day everything is cleaned - which is was. So please laugh at my germ-a-phob-ness and see it as humor and not complaints : ) I know I'm loca.

In other non germ-a-phob mama news - I am not non a neat-freak-o mama but seriously I need tomorrow to get organized and do the laundry BUT we are going to the zoo so that will have to wait.

How about Saturday is Spring Forward.... errrrr... thumbs down.

E - When are y'all getting married again?
Me - You only get married once

Oh and I confirm today but Monday I have an exciting announcement... Once I have all the details I will divulge : )

E was singing... Zaccheus was a wee man and a wee man was he.... something something something climbed the tree... something Zaccheus come down from that tree! We're going to your house today - oh my goodness the cuteness is overflowing. Which was totally necessary since she may or may not have been awake in the 5 o'clock hour. Patience was tried but not overcome

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