Monday, March 18, 2013

First Practice = Check

Well the Fireflies survived their first practice - believe it or not. Walking up to the field was a chaotic scene of kids and parents and soccer balls and a few goals. We got situated on our half of the field and we all went around and introduced each other. E of course was super bashful.

Then we did three laps around the field which was more of run kind of in the same general vicinity as coach aka me. E only made it on the last lap. We circled up for stretches - again have you seen 3 yr old trying to stand on one leg - very cute. We talked about the two rules of soccer "Have fun" and "No using your hands". Surprisingly the hand thing was not too big of a deal for most.

We did a run and kick the ball to the goal game and a pass in a triangle game. Why we only had two soccer balls between 6 kids is crazy! Well its because the county gave us the balls - kids do not have to bring them. I wanted them to pass in pairs. I guess I will have to break down and buy a third ball. I sure it will be put to good use.

Water break.

Another run and kick ball in the goal game which I was totally losing attention on so quick shift into scrimmage. Now that was a cute sight to see. We divided up into teams thankfully there were enough of one jacket color to make it easy. Quickly tried to explain one team was kicking to the cones and the other to the net - then it was go time. Except the kids definitely just stood there for 2.5 seconds and did not know what to do. Fortunately there is a little girl on the team who understands a bit more than some of the other so she took charge and after some encouraging the others to either kick the ball into the goal or stop the ball from getting into the goal we had a few scores on each side.

Whew... Then it was time to go when I realized we were the last team out there.

Fireflies on three.

Thank goodness there was another parent who jumped right in to help get soccer balls and help in the coaching/supervision process. All the parents seem super great and the kids are definitely full of energy and 3 years old and really cute and pretty good listeners too.

Oh and this time I did not even have R with me but next week will be a real test - Papa will definitely NOT be home. I am debating between the Beco or a stroller. I have a feeling I am going to end up holding her the whole time but I have to give one a try...

And I did no even get a pic of the cuteness because it was so crazy.

E cried about her cleats being dirty... This is going to be awesome.

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