Friday, March 15, 2013

7 QTs - Pope Francis Addition

--- 1 ---

Dear Friday... T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!! You are here again...

--- 2 ---
Hey how about that new Pope? Very happy to have another Pope. We'll see what he does during his pontificate so save your judgement all you jurors!

--- 3 ---
It is so crazy to think about the day Benedict was elected Pope. I remember I had freshman English class and I had a presentation that day. I gave my presentation and told the TA that I was leaving... I did not even care about the absence or whatever. New Pope = celebration. And we needed something to celebrate because JP2's death was sad.

--- 4 ---
So this time was way way different though the experience was still a shared one with a UNC BFF... I'm on gChat and she says 'is that white smoke?'. I first think she must be joking because they have not taken many votes but then I click to a news site and there' the news alert so immediately news on the TV time. We chatted back and forth about our excitement. I text Lee because he is working at the Swimworld sale. It was crazy. She had a dr appt to go to. E&R and I had a playdate... but come on how many times do you have to see the a new Pope.. hopefully not once in a lifetime but still not a common occurrence.

--- 5 ---
As the time passed I needed someone to get excited with in person so I drag E out of her nap... I know I'm crazy. She is in a daze and ready to go on our playdate. Well finally the bands line up and the lights on the balcony floor light up and then the guy comes up and announces the name and then the moment we have been waiting for... Pope Francis. Who I admit looked a bit shell-shocked but really? If you were just elected leader of 1.2 billion people I think you would be shell-shocked too, ya know!

--- 6 ---
E was happy to see the 'new Pope' and we were only 35 min late to our playdate which was kind of bad and thought about just rescheduling but who wants to have whiny 2/3 yr olds for an afternoon. 35 mins was better than the alternative.

--- 7 ---
E announced several times to Papa that 'we have a new Pope Francis' and she has asked to see him again. Today I told her he was sleeping because it was dark time in Rome. Also, she announced to her teachers at MMO that "We have a new Pope" and "his name is Pope Francis". One teacher asked what the Pope does, E replied "he blesses people"... Oh my goodness I may or may not have teared up a bit. She is awesome. Mind you this is at a baptist preschool... fortunately I think the teachers are impressed by her knowledge of current affairs of the world.

Oh and R is happy about Pope Francis too... She does not know it yet.

Oh and how about Pope Francis is sitting down with leaders of Eastern Catholic Churches next week (I want to say). Our patriarch of the Ukrainian Catholic Churches is BFF with the knows the Pope since they were both bishops in Argentina!

Okay that was totally nine but all totally necessary!

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