Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Night Musings

Thoughts and reflections on this cold, semi-stormy night

1. E dipped green beans in sour cream at dinner tonight... I almost gagged
2. R consumed more spinach at dinner tonight than E
3. Both girls ate a great portion of black beans - following in their Mamas culinary footsteps
4. Both girls contributed in the cleaning up of toys... I was most impressed with R
5. R has a thing for the shoes in the laundry room... she tries to elude us and proceed in shoe eating
6. R has gnawed on her crib... we need a crib gnaw-guard ASAP
7. E's soccer practice was canceled today... Dear Spring 48 degrees and raining is NOT acceptable... let's get with the program
8. Papa does NOT need surgery - Praise the Lord... just an antibiotic!

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