Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Night Reflection

Well today I have alot to remember/type about so here goes...

It kind of started last night when we got this wedding invitation with the following label...

Which the Blogger app so conveniently realigned for me. It is weird no? Well it is for me seeing our family name written as such. 

Last night I woke up hot and thinking about work... For at least an hour and everything was okay after all but totally messed up my getting up at 5:15ish thing. 

I got R out of bed and instead of going down on all fours she tightened up to walk. It was cute. 

Took my laissez faire approach to prayer time this morning... E meltdown down more than normal because the concept of taking turns and not going first all the time are point of contention these days. 

Work was work. My boss announced company lunch day and the girls were invited. (Insert cringe here). Okay I definitely A. Appreciate company lunch days B. Enjoy having lunch with my girls and co-workers C. Totally appreciate my boss inviting the girls and asking me to bring them D. Did I mention I have a great boss? So I kept that in mind as I worked through lunch. R did not have any more milk from school so that meant milky-water for her - she is not into water or juice at all. E going potty in a public restroom (gag!), E falling out of her booster seat, R banging on the table and screaming for more pizza, E announcing she only wants meat (aka pepperonis off the pizza) (second aside, hello child it is Lent! - no just kidding I know kids are exempt from the fast rules but we really do try and not eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays but today was an oops for her and it was actually a bit comical). Survival of the fittest I tell you!

Weird random note of the day, there was a woman who picked up some kids from MMO at the same time as me maybe a 4 yr old and a less than 1 yr old and I am about 90% sure that EITHER child was in a carseat... Flashback to the 50s, yeah it was that kind of day.

Anyway, get home. Naps. E is wide awake at 4 and I was still working and I really needed her to nap because of Stations extending our evening out... Bam 4:15 out until 5:15 which was nice because I finished what I needed to got R out of bed and Papa and I had some time just with her

How about R had another cup crisis/meltdown/epic screaming fit over her milk cup. Both of her cups that we she likes were in the sink and I am a dishwasher gal from way back. So I just got one of her other leaky sippy cups. Put milk in it as she is screaming in my arms and Lee is walking through the door. Still screaming and pushing the cup away I put her in the highchair in the hopes she just needs some space. Nope... So I scrub up one of THE sippy cups and silence. She is so dramatic about things she is in tight competition with E. 

So we play on the floor and Papa and I are talking and R takes off around the corner. She usual heads for the shoes. Dirty dirty shoes that end up in her mouth! Well the little scavenger goes to her highchair where there are some Chex from breakfast littered about. I think she lets some down on purpose so she can eat them later. 

E gets up in a funk. Begging to see Papa. They have a squeeze and he gives her some coins for her piggy bank and she is back to normal

Last week I told you we got to the fish fry way early and then were super early for Stations of the Cross. Well Papa dictated the departure time today - which seemed great. Until you get to the fish fry and because there are so many people you wait 30 min for food. Well good thing Mama packed Veggie Crunchers for R. E sat there for the last 10 min announcing she needed food. Oh and did I mentioned Papa/FDJ was leading Stations this week so he had to be across the street early? Yeah we'll be departing a bit earlier next week. 

Ohhhh Stations. This week we made it through the opening prayer. Then E announced she needed to go potty and R was being noisy. Second public restroom of the day! Good thing in this bathroom there is an odd table in the corner that was large enough for me to sit R on while I got E on the potty. Then we bounced back upstairs. E said she needed to go inside and pray (we were in the back pew again and I told her she needed to pray and have good behavior in order to light a candle after - not the best reward system I know but it works!). So how about E blows my expectations through the roof and stays in church by herself in the back row for the first 8 stations!!!! Say what??? You go E! So proud. She was not 100% focused and looked back at us often. I tried to cue her to use her purple book or to say the Our Father, and Hail Mary and to do her Trinity fingers during the Glory. Needless to say I was thrilled. Then she came in and out a few times between the 8th and 14th Station and by the end I told her she needed to stay in or out. But maybe this laissez faire stuff will pay off. 

Get home. People in bed. Ahhhhh!

Papa informs me that something weird happened with the pics on the P, H, F, R post so I fixed those in case you want to see the crazy holes in the walls. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hey still enjoying your blog! We bought out 3 year old a portable potty seat from babiesrus. It folds up to fit in the diaper bag and has its own case. It has Dora on it so it makes P happy and it makes me happy she doesn't have up sit on a public toliet. Under ten dollars and well worth every penny!
    Our 1 year old hates all cups right now. Wishing she had at least 1 she would drink from but that's not the case ugh!

    1. Oh my goodness I need to find/buy one of those port-potty-seats. I fear going to the fair or something like that and the ick of those potties!

      About the cups... R ONLY used these cups until she chewed a hole in the nipple -

      They are seriously the most expensive sippy cups BUT it worked for me : )

  2. I will have to check out the cups! Thank you!
    Here is a link for the potty seat.


    1. Thanks! I think one of these will be in our near future