Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ is Risen From the D-eeeeaaad...

This morning started off with a bang at 4:30. Papa rolled in around midnight after the Easter Vigil Mass in the Mount. We actually did not have to rush too much because we were up so insanely early. Loaded the girls right at 5:30 - and I am convinced they did not go back to sleep - and we were off. Then half way through the drive... rain. Grrr... Well it rained and we could not start outside or have a procession. The girls and I camped out in the van and ate bagels and got dressed. Well I got them dressed... I was already dressed of course.

Post- Liturgy pic. Pre-food pic. Girls did not do the best but there were a ton of kids there and I finally stopped caring and just sat in the back with everyone else. E was particularly out of sorts.

 Our portion of the spread of Pascha meal. City Chicken (which is actually fried pork and lamb), sausage (courtesy of the Sacred Sausagemakers), Pascha cheese (I could eat that all day), Russian salad (errr.... not for me), wine (of course), sparkling limeade, Pascha bread, candy (I think I have reached my chocolate max... for the day).

Then we hit the road to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's. Uncle Kevin was even in town! We did naps, cheese and crackers and Pascha baskets for the girls.

That flashlight was actually supposed to go in E's stocking but we finally got it in the Pascha basket. After another feast - lamb, sweet potatoes, asparagus and homemade rolls - we were so tired we could not eat dessert! We loaded up the van with our 1000000 bags and 3 Pascha baskets and headed home. E was so talkative - thank you sugar high - she would randomly break out into "Arisen is Christ, arisen our Lord, Christ is Risen from the dead. By death He conquered death, and to those in the tombs and to those in the tombs - He granted He granted He granted life" then immediately following (not joking at all here) "Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh..."

Do I think E took something away from today... yes. She's got the Christ is Risen thing down and she told me Lent is all gone.

Do I think R took something away from today - no but she took away all my sweet potatoes from me at dinner and was super cute to watch while she ate : )

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  1. Your girls look so sweet in pink! The Easter spread look absolutely bountiful. Happy, Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!

    1. Thanks! Oh my there was so much good food there. Happy Easter to you too!!!

  2. Your girls are so precious! And i love your fun dress! the colors are great!