Friday, January 31, 2014

My Child Got Assigned Homework Over Facebook

And it was the best thing that happened to our fourth-straight day, out-of-school, don't-know-how-to-occupy-another-minute blues. Okay not blues but it sounded good. 

Here's the gist of the assignment:

"Draw a large heart on regular size piece of paper or construction and have your child decorate it. It doesn't have to have to be glitzy and glamourous. You can add stripes or circle polka dots for them to color in, scraps of paper to glue on, whatever. Siblings can get in on it too and we'll present them as well."

Didn't give me a chance to snap the clean slate pic

Siblings can participate… Fantastic!

R proceeded to announce hone-wooork through the homework-exercise

Clean slate
In the beginning was the heart...

Enter out craft grab-bag which has evolved between homework assignments and clearance items at Hobby Lobby

E focused on the beads
She was SET on doing the project without help - except that pesky glue bottle messed her up. 
R did dots, crayons, a Cars sticker, glittery pom-pom and strips of ribbon
in a span of 7 minutes
R was thrilled to get her hands on all things art!
More beads and outlining for E
Move over crayons… the beads and glue are here
I gave in and let R do beads. I don't THINK any were consumed
I was super impressed that R sat and 'worked' on her homework and did not lose interest. 

Sticky hands were confusing 

No homework would be complete without pink feathers
I had to tell them it was over so M and I could get ready for work in the afternoon

The sisters homework

This exemplifies R and her craziness 
Can't wait until they walk hand-in-hand into school proudly displaying their art. Kinda makes me wish they were twins 

E 's heart kite

So thankful for this homework assignment because it managed to occupy 1.75 hours this morning and was not as dreadful as I was imagining. Running between screaming M with blow out diaper that required an emergency bath, and to E to help squeeze out the glue because that was pretty much all she would let me help her with and supervising R and her demands for everything in the craft bag EXCEPT the pink feathers - was in retrospect highly unstressful for what it was. 

Thank Goodness For Preschool!

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  1. Very cute and creative projects! I'm sure your girls loved it! They turned out super and I'm sure will be getting an "A+" :)