Friday, December 5, 2014

7QTs - Swim Class and Nativity Sets

We we're back to our regularly scheduled program of 7 random thoughts of the week...

--- 1 ---

I have 2 blog posts that'd I like to write before the end of the year:

1. On Responsibility - A longer post on why this person and society in general is changing/has changed its view of what responsible means

2. Consciously Compassionate - This will be a reflection on where I'm at in my motherhood journey and where (ehem, see second word of post) I need improvement 

--- 2 ---

Now for the fun stuff. Today is December 5 - which is Uncle Kev's bday. Awesome.

But it is also tonight that we leave all our collected stuff for St. Nicholas in the hopes he might visit tonight. I'm excited because the girls will be excited tomorrow morning. We'll see how they do tonight when St. Nicholas visits after vespers.

From Last Year

There are different schools of thought on St. Nicholas versus Santa Claus and that. Kendra did an interesting post on it and while I disagree with some of it - it is perspective on how other families celebrate St. Nicholas. This is the part I agree with the most:

Now in our case when we are standing in line at a checkout and a nice person ask E or R what they hope Santa is going to bring them for Christmas that person will likely get a blank stare. Well that was last year. If our kids ask about Santa, we tell them Santa does not come to our house since St. Nicholas visits our house on his feast day. Why tell them this? That way at school or with friends who have Santa come (which is fine - whatever floats your boat) our kids won't say - "My mama told me Santa's not real." 

Not what we're going for. 

We are hoping that our kids associate giving up (some of their toys) with receiving back (from St. Nicholas). Sacrifices are rewarded. 

--- 3 ---

I'm sure you've already seen this, but

I wish I could take credit for this brilliance but it's just funny. Really, I'd like to start a nativity set collection. We have one set but I'd like to get a few more:


But I have no idea where I'd put them and I don't have a ton of $$$ to spend either… 

--- 4 ---

I believe I mentioned that we signed up for swim class. It is Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks. It is kind of a major time commitment and juggling act. Papa has his Bible Study on Tuesdays so he stays home with M until E and R and I race home and eat dinner with him before he races out. 

Thursdays the big girls are with their Jibbe for the afternoon. So I race to Jibbe's from work get the big girls deposit M and we leisurely (I jest) head to swim class. 

Anyhow, Tuesday was the first day and one person did swimmingly and one… did not. 

R was in the water for all of 10 minutes and then that was it. She didn't even get in the water on Thursday so I'll be calling for a refund today. I know she's a hair under 3 so technically she shouldn't even be in the class but I really thought she would want to do it - but I was wrong. I think we'll give the parent-tot class a go in January with R and M and then go from there.

E on the other hand did great. She still is not crazy about jumping off the side or playing this game with noodles but she's going under water and really into the class. I'm super proud of her. Also I little peer pressure from her cousin who was literally swimming circles around her at Labor Day might be a motivating factor in the back of her mind : )

--- 5 ---

This came in the mail this week?

Does someone know something I don't because these usually show up a few week after I have a baby - so wrong house? Must be… However, it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant. Okay not really, but there's ton of friends, bloggers and random people who will be having a baby between April-June. 

Maybe it is just me but it certainly seems like it...

--- 6 ---

This girl… 

Sleeps in the craziest positions and refuses to use an covers despite the fact we keep our house pretty cold. 

The last few months of 2 have been rough for her and me. Maybe it is actually the last few weeks but it just seems like months. She turned the corner with using the potty but at the same time she has decided to not use her good listening ears which really, really, really gets under my skin (hence QT1 - post idea #2). We'll get through it and I know it is just a phase but my patience is being tested and my voice has been raised. 

I read somewhere that when Michelle Duggar (the one who has 19 kids) gets upset she whispers. Now that is brilliant. 

--- 7 ---

We played in our neighbor's leaf pile on the last halfway nice day of the year (and if by nice I mean warm).

Well I think that's all for now… Hasta la vista

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  1. Hi there! I'm the one who suggested the Dan Siegel book The Whole Brain Child. He has a bunch of other great books - Parenting From the Inside Out and No Drama Discipline would be good for what you mentioned in the post. (Brainstorm is for parents of teens and teens themselves. He also has general books on brain development/neurobiology that aren't specific to parenting, some of which are more technical/clinical than others.) So that's all worth mentioning if you liked The Whole Brain Child. Another thought is Self Compassion by Kristin Neff. I'm only part of the way through it, but what I've been thinking about a lot lately is how it's hard to have compassion for others when we are not compassionate with ourselves. Parenting from the Inside Out sort of gets at this too, because it encourages parents to look at their own life stories in an effort to better understand the relationship(s) with their child(ren).

    1. I'll have to check out some of those other books! Thanks for the tip : )