Friday, December 12, 2014

7QTs - 2 weeks left of Advent

Here we go...

--- 1 ---

This girl is kind of getting over hanging out with me at work. 

So she has taken to consuming lots of food to pass the time and when she's full... She saves it for later in places that are not meant for food storage. Can you find the Cheetz?

--- 2 ---

How about this girl...

She loves her Papa so much. So much that when she got home from school and Papa was home from work (thank you winter) that she just HAD to put on pajama pants too. Goodness she is cute!

--- 3 ---

We hit up the pool for another two rounds of swim class. Tuesday I thought we were going to have to leave but E powered through thanks to a lifeguard

She did great on Thursday after I showed her a few videos of her swimming on Tuesday. I think her jury is still out on the teacher because he is new and she doesn't like change. 

--- 4 ---

We completed our fourth week of Advent activity... And Saturday we might finally seal the deal on the second week's activity because we haven't actually brought the food to where it needs to go. Details I tell you... 

Caught this on the way home : ) 

--- 5 ---

Oh and this girl...

It wacky clothes day... 

E had to be in the pic too but was disappointed it was not her wacky clothes but she's had her time in 2 yr old class and 3 yr old class... twice in fact. R didn't quite 'get it' but she loved wearing her Frozen shirt and Crocs which I never let her wear to school

--- 6 ---

This is what happens when you cross stitch in bed with dim light...

The grey thread gets mistaken for the light blue thread and then you have to PULL OUT ALL YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when you are sitting in good light and then you realized you wasted a bunch of time. I cannot stand pulling out stitches.... Any how, M's stocking is coming right along aside from my setbacks

--- 7 ---

Hopefully we won't have a controversial Friday like last week...

On tap for the weekend, the pierogi army will be reloading the coolers for our fundraiser distribution, celebrating Uncle Kev's birthday, taking Papa's stocking to get it backed, getting M some shoes so they can be wrapped under the tree for her in 13 days and trying to find the best deals on books (new and used) to wrap up for Lee. 

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