Sunday, December 28, 2014

Second Day of Christmas Happening

After surviving the Christmas Eve an Christmas Day craziness (I'll do a whole post) I woke up to this:

An extension cord and two strands of lights later....

Okay you cannot see the fiber optic lights well but you get the point

Before we left for round two of eating and opening presents we decorated the tree and started our 12 days of Christmas Tree (similar to the Advent Tree). 

We spent some time with Lee's family - which was great - and ate another round of insanely awesome food. Then we exchanged gifts and left without too much of a fuss. I will say the best reaction was from my nephew when he opened a bathtub car racing set was "Hallelujah! I saw this on a commercial" seriously a much needed thank you after repeatedly hearing about how someone did not get a Frozen bike (only a purple bike - and a serious threat has gone out if I hear about that Frozen bike again - the purple bike is getting taken to someone who will appreciate it and then she'll have no bike) 

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