Thursday, December 4, 2014

How We Spent Our Thanksgiving ~ A Meltdown to Remember

Thanksgiving around these parts is generally crazy with a side of driving. This year was no different - and I don't have the pics to prove it : ) 

Thanksgiving we went to church since that was the halfway point of our 2 hr drive to our Turkey Day Destination. We thought it'd be a good way to break up the trip. R was saying as SOON as we got in the van - "Mama it takin' tooooo long". Yeah, right.

Church definitely broke up the drive but my people are kinda driving me crazy at church these days between R who is good for the first part but has a NASTY downhill slide midway through to M who is determined to crawl up to see her Papa on the altar. Oh the life of a single parent at church...#stopcomplaining

Okay I will...

We visited with family we really only see once a year for a while before Thanksgiving dinner which was great. E and R got to color and do stickers which is fantastic in their world. Then gathered with the masses... Full house, lots of people, lots of kids for the girls to play with and one dog that E and R successfully coexisted around. Seriously we have a dogophobia that desperately needs to be dealt with. Then we raced back to the Mount late so Lee could get up in time to start the dinner prep at Jibbe's.

The chefs slaved in the kitchen while the girls watched the NBC version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Too much dancing and not enough floats for my liking but it was a welcomed distraction because we could not wait to see our cousins.

E and R got to pick up Aunt Mary at the train station - always a hit. It is also the time this conversation happened:

SIL - What would you like St. Nicholas to bring you this year
E - A baby boy
SIL - A baby boy doll?
E - No, a live one

This was the first I heard of that... As that St. Nicholas was 8 days away... Maybe next yr E.

Dinner was awesome. Giblet gravy is really growing on me (judge me not). I really in fact look forward to it but the first year I went to Thanksgiving with the Kibbes I am quite positive I passed it by.

Saturday was basically a repeat of Friday but there was no cooking to be done... because it's leftovers day. Which is great...

We watched the CBS coverage of the parade and I guess it was a little better in terms of floatage but generally not impressed but I WANT TO SEE THE FLOATS.

Here's a few other bits of art from school...

Lee baked bread for church and I started on M's stocking! Won't be ready this year.

We finally packed up and headed to Sam's for this shopping trip and went to the Y to sign up for the coveted swim class. R is in the 3-5 yr old class despite being 2.75 - not sure about that.

Leftovers lunch was a hit. My MIL's chicken salad is hands down the best so I might have stood in front of that for an hour. The girls had the MOST EPIC MELTDOWN EVER when we left. Granted it was past naptime and we were running on not our normal schedule and we were a bit sleep deprived but whoa. It was impressive. Like kicking, screaming, laid out on the floor. Not our finest moments for sure.

Once everyone was in a normal state of mind we told them if that pull that mess at Christmas... All presents are getting removed from the van and given away. AND WE ARE NOT KIDDING. And we'll talk about it more and more in the weeks and days leading up because... come on, once is tolerable and nearly excusable but twice is... well.... NOT.

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