Friday, December 2, 2011

Breaktime with the Girls

This afternoon/evening Papa was on E duty for a couple hours so that I could meet up with some friends for a coffee break. Yes I am 30 weeks pregnant and yes I drink coffee - about 1 cup a day - I'm pretty sure that's within the recommended limits. Anyways, not being from the Mount I do not too many people - and being a young working mother does not really allow for a huge amount of socializing so when I can take a break and not worry about work and changing a diaper I'm all over it.

Its so nice to get together and talk about girl stuff at the Mount's one and only coffee shop (Via Cappuchino). There is not a free standing Starbucks for miles (literally you would have to drive 25 minutes to get to one though there is one in Target but its not a coffee shop). Going to coffee shops reminds me of meeting friends for coffee in high school and college. Its different people but still an enjoyable and necessary break from life's many motherly calls of duty.

Fortunately we all have super great hubbies who can hold down the fort and understand the value of girl time!

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