Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stay at Home Mom for the Day...

Today has been a really fun day! Swimworld is closed for Christmas so I did not have to work so I had E to myself for the whole day and this is what we did.

Hit up the bank to keep pushing these people to move swiftly with this home buying/refi process! Then it was off to E's friend house for a playdate - even though we all know why mommys organize playdates! If I were a fulltime stay at home mom I know I would need playdates at least once a week. E had a good time with E - the girls had some sharing issues but generally had a good time. Mommys definitely had a great time catching up! Both girls are going to be big sissys around the same time so having a friend going through the EXACT same pregnancy issues while being challenged by a dramatic soon to be big sister is AWESOME! Though I think my heartburn issue cannot be matched - seriously I think I am going to power through this pack of Tums before the end of the year!

After a tearful car ride home because we had to leave E's house/party - this friend ALWAYS is having a party - even at school! E went down for a nap and I was able to catch up on my other job work - which was good because I only had about 15 missed calls - so I was not 100% being a stay at home mom but still.

Lee got home. I ran some errands. We went on a family walk - Lee pointed out it might be one of our last around our current neighborhood. Dinner and bedtime were uneventful. I really want to clean the kitchen floor tonight - for no other reason that it needs to be done. Just went in to check on E and she is sitting up reading one of her three books - smiling as if everything is super great - even though she is reading in the dark. Now at night she requires books to go to bed - Nini, baby, Elmo and kitty (her Japanese Hello Kitty) are a must but now books.

We only let E bring cardboard books to bed because she is still a very destructive reader - and she has managed to break a few cardboard books along the spine - which she enjoy announcing they are 'broken'. Top cardboard books are:

1. 'Luna' - Goodnight Moon - Its a classic in whatever language
2. 'Oruga' - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Spanish version - She likes turning the pages using the holes in the book
3. 'Pececito' - Rainbow Fish - Another great one
4. 'Born' - On the Night you were Born - Mommy tear jerker that E only has brought to bed a few times in the hopes of preserving that book.

So I guess I should do another check on the little bookworm - I don't want to make too much noise in the kitchen so I have to wait until the coast is clear. Won't have that problem in the new house : )

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