Sunday, December 18, 2011

8 years later... a reflection

8 years ago (not to the date) I ran my first (and only marathon) in Jacksonville, FL. I was a freshman in college and finished in 4 hours and 30 min - and placed third in my age group! I had time to spend 5-10 hours a week running. Overall it was probably one of the most physically gruelling experiences that I have done.

Flash forward to today. I went on a walk for 40 minutes and probably walked about 2-3 miles - maybe. Because its so cold E and the stroller have not been walking with me recently but I certainly don't have between 5-10 hours a week to be dedicating to myself - let alone physical exercise! Fact of the matter of being a mommy of two.

So I have heard this comparison.. labor is like running a marathon. If a guy can run a marathon then he might have a clue/insight into what childbirthing is like. This is only my opinion here but that is sooo not true. There are positives and negatives to both but I think I would choose to run a marathon over labor.

Pros to marathon over childbirth
- only takes 4 months of training - instead of 9 months
- its over in 4-5 hours - instead of many more
- its possible to actually 'train' for a marathon whereas there is nothing that you can do to physically prepare for labor

Pros to childbirth over marathon
- a new baby is a so much better than a shirt and a medal : )

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