Sunday, December 11, 2011

DULCE VIDA (sweet life) - WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

Well well... its has been a crazy two weeks but I can say that we found a house one Saturday, toured it the following Saturday and signed a contract for it the next Saturday (as in yesterday)!!!  Amazing what you can accomplish in 336 hours.

So as you gathered we put an offer in on the house on Tuesday I think it was and I really have not said much about it since there are thousands of people reading this blog and I feared that word might get out to the sellers (ha!). Our offer was low - but we thought their asking price was high so it was important that we established the two bookends of the price. After several back and forths, a home showing that did not happen (someone was supposed to see the house Friday but never showed up), calls into the realtor, heartburn, waiting, and number crunching we got the house. The house that we both have liked since we did our drivebys two weeks ago. The house that we be able to stay in for years and years and years. The house that has at least 1 closet per room. The house that is the best match for us.

Now, on to the fun and exciting appraisals, home inspection, waiting for the mortgages to go through... So we probably will not be in the new house until mid-January - just in time for E to get situated and comfortable with the new house before baby #2 comes and hopefully before Lee has to start a new project.

So listen up little baby - hang on until your due date and everything will be in place and ready for you AND life will be so much less stressful.

Pics to come of the house when we move...

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