Wednesday, December 21, 2011

E Update - 19 months!!!

Its that time of the month again - late as usual to update on E.


Red heels... that match! I told her shed needed shoes that matched : )

From the closet to the bedroom - at least 25 ft of walking in heels!

This past month has been marked by a need to explore shoes. She is interested in any and all shoes - that she can try on. She seriously have taken steps in my 5 in heels!!! She likes her Papa's work boots - even though them make the front steps 'dirty' which she point out when we go outside. Slippers are of interest. She needs/wants to pick out her shoes for school and needs to put them on.

DRAMA-RAMA! I have no idea
Let's see what else is her up to... She has started making sentences and associations. If she 'likes' something she says she is 'happy' about it. When we go outside she loves to know what everything is and repeats what we tell her about 60-80% of the time - mailbox, sky, stars, moon, school bus, house etc etc. She enjoys counting and if you start on 1 and go through the odds, E will fill in the evens up to 10! She has taken to ABCs and knows the tune of the song, along with ABC, H, P, R, W(sometimes). It is cute. Along when we are in the car after we go through numbers and ABCs we practice animals- this month we are trying to learn pigs say Oink (and not Ribbit) and sheep say Baaa (not Nay) : )

Coffee (less than a teaspoon) with straw,  cereal, and cup

I have noticed that she has really gotten an attitude about some things and can get strung out about some things - that did not bother her before - like taking naps. She can be a great 'helpie' when she wants to be and can remember what needs help. Jibbe always needs help watering plants and Grammy always needs help shaking out rugs.

Ready to go!

Papa and the Pavo!

Kids table with markers. My aunt is so creative!


 St. Nicholas...
Listening to St. Nicholas at church

Present from St. Nicholas

That 1.5 year old screaming moment because due to skepticism!

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