Monday, December 19, 2011

House Hunters & our Christmas Tree

One of my favorite traditions around Christmas time is getting our massive Christmas tree from the NC farmer's market the last weekend of Advent and decorating 1.5 seconds before Christmas. Well... this year that is not happening : (

+ We are moving right in the middle of Christmas season 12/25 to 2/2 so we are not going to be moving a tree
+ I don't want a smaller tree in our house now because the ceilings are lower in the new house
+ We don't want to drag out all the decorations and pack them up in 2.5 weeks

So I am super disappointed that E and did not get to pick out a tree AND now I have to do the last thing I would have ever expected. We have to get a tree - a FAKE tree! UGH!!! I am not a fan of fake trees at all. However if we are going to do a fake tree then there is only one that I like. The Super short tree with Fiber Optic color changing lights on the tips of the branches. So I hunted around online to find this coveted tree and I have not had any luck. I have not seen these trees in several years so maybe they are a fire hazard or something.

I'll keep you posted on how are tree hunt goes : (

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