Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Hunters - Now for the fun stuff

After our marathon of a week-ending and weekend drama-rama surrounding the house and everything else I have not been the best of bloggers. I definitely have some updates in the pipeline but let me tell you about what consumed Lee's day today. Fortunately things at Swimworld are slow (but not dead) so he can take some time to get personal errands done because I don't have that luxury - and after his day today - I definitely cannot complain.

I was super bummed to find out that Lee could not get an appointment with the mortgage lady at the bank until today - as supposed to Monday. Anyways 3.5 hours (yes hours!!!) later everything is in order for the two mortgages - the new house and the refi (for rental). Let me comment on some surprising observations:

1. Even though the loans are for very different amounts the closing costs are almost identical.

2. Probably the most INSANE fee of the process is the fact that the bank (one bank is involved) its working up two mortgages and charges us for a Credit Report Score fee twice!!! Say WHAT!?!!? Really? I could not believe it and I don't have anything more to say than THANK YOU government regulations for making this process have entirely too many fees!

3. I think that if I had to sit through the 3.5 hours at the bank I would have gone crazy so props to Lee for surviving it.

Lee's afternoon was the fun filled home inspection. Fortunately there were no major surprises which was excellent. Everything seems to be in good working order though we will be re-roofing our house in the semi-near future (3-6 years). Lee also did some measuring and the room sizes are about the same in terms of E's room and the master. Found out we are surrounded by dogs - three in fact. Hopefully they will not be overly obnoxious otherwise we might just have to get a Bassethound to add to the noise - but only the kind that bark backwards : )

Next on the chopping block/list/things that are holding up the process are the two appraisals. I thought we should have gotten a bo-go special since both houses will be getting appraised - that did not happen. Anyways, it is going to take 3 weeks to get an appraisal completed - thank you government regulations. Best case scenario is closing in about a month...

I am super excited!!! Also, one of my only 3.5 friends in the Mount is going to be 2.5 seconds away - actually 1.4 miles - Lee measure today. This makes me happy!

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