Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter is Officially Here... I think

Well its 36 hours before Christmas and the weather in eastern NC is nothing to complain about. 50-60s during the day and 40s at night - if your a lucky prego lady - which I have not been the last few nights. Anyways Lee and I were just saying where the heck is the wintery weather. Last year we had massive snow on the second day of Christmas!

Since the winter temps are not here yet $10 bucks says that the super cold temps will be here when baby K #2 arrives. Fortunately baby's super great NC aunt hooked him/her up a while back. Actually she gave it to us before E was born but we never seems to use it because E was out of her infant carrier before the freezing temps arrived. I just know that this will come in very handy come Feb. I'll keep you posted on the usability but seems like it will be a keeper!

Cheers to coolers temps - for the pregnant lady!

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