Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Eve of St. Nicholas...

Well it looks like UPS and USPS are going to pull through for St. Nicholas to make it to the Kibbe house tonight. Besides going to church we are leaving some clothes/shoes/towels for St. Nicholas to take with him. In exchange I am sure he will leave some goodies for us. You'll have to check back tomorrow to find out what he brought!

Note - Santa Claus does not come to our house - St. Nicholas does - this is how we will explain it to the kids when their friends have Santa and they don't. St. Nicholas comes on his feast day of December 6. If you leave him some of the clothes and shoes you have outgrown or don't wear anymore then he might just bring you something in exchange. Of course E is completely clueless about this whole process this year - and probably will be next year too but St. Nicholas' helpers need a crash course on this so that in the future we know what the heck we are doing - like getting orders placed on time so the stuff actually gets here : )

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