Thursday, December 8, 2011

T-Minus 9 weeks / 63 days and counting

Today marks the 31st week of preggo-hood. Excellent so that means baby should be here in approximately 9 weeks or 63 days. Crazy! My sister-in-law would remind me that the baby is fully cooked in only 6 weeks but hopefully baby can make it longer than that! 42 days... hmmm... take your sweet time baby : )

No updated ultrasound pics to share.. and probably won't have any more either. Still nothing on the double stroller. I have been stalking craigslist for a City Mini without much luck. Certainly not going to pay full price for that! Also on the agenda of craigslist is a pump - unless I can borrow the one I used with E (don't worry I got the replacement parts). Pump = lifesaver! Lastly on the scavenger hunt is a crib. I really really really like E's crib. It is a Wendy Bellismo by BassettBaby convertible sleigh crib but I cannot find one that I really like. I am not ready for her to have free reign and sleep in a toddler bed yet so a new crib will be in order soon... Possibly after baby comes. I think E slept in the pack and play for 4-6 weeks until I gave in and embraced the crib.

That makes me think about how I was super set on doing things with her - like not having a crib. That lasted all of 2.5 seconds and looking back I don't really know why I did not want a crib! Silly pregnant lady!

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