Friday, December 30, 2011

Stay at Home Papi... For the Day

Lee had the awesome/unique (well not really) chance to stay home with E the other day. Things at Swimworld are insanely busy for this time of year - which means that there is actually work to be done on a daily basis - rather than nothing at all so we are thankful for that!

Anyways, things at the Global don't really slow down for me - there is always work to be done and since I only work in the office 3 days a week I really am compelled not 'take vacation' not like I get any - but really how many employers let you bring your kid to work for the first 9 months and are insanely flexible - ummm... MINE! So off to work I went leaving E to fend for herself with her Papa.

So not much to my surprise... the living room/toy area looks like a warzone. Pretty typical and with our 'we only clean up toys once a day' policy this is not shocker. However, both E and her Papi are still in there pajamas???? Its 4 in the afternoon! Lee assured me they did not 'go anywhere' so he could not justify taking her out of the super cute pajamas? Whatever, I have bigger bones to pick : )

Also, Lee gave me the full rundown/review of a few of the Sesame Street episodes that we had DVRed for E. He is convinced that Sesame Street should be renamed Elmo's Street. He does not like that most of the show is animated and that the classic characters - Oscar, Bert and Ernie etc etc are not on a very frequent basis. Lee cannot stand the fairy portion of the show to the point where he fast forwards past them. You really have to know my hubby to appreciate the fact that he is fast forwarding through Sesame Street!

I guess we'll have to dig up some old episodes of Sesame Street DVD so we can play the 'classics'. Any ideas where to get DVDs of the full seasons? I have checked out Amazon without much luck...

Here's to days when you stay at home with papa!

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