Thursday, January 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Overheard… Dirty Diaps and Christmas Carols

I promise I have some meaty posts coming… maybe. For now, this is all…

--- 1 ---

{While getting ready for a bath}

E - Guh, guh, guh Gabriel.
Me - Yes
E - guh, guh, guh. Gabriel starts with the letter P just like Pocahontas

--- 2 ---

{After rest.. being an excellent little helper}

Me - R, let's go change M.
{upon noticing an overflowing diap}
Me - Ut oh, M has a stink...
R - Awww Maaan!

{true story… R, true story)

--- 3 ---
{While endlessly rehearsing Christmas carols}

E - What did the cow in the manger say to baby Jesus in the hay... Moo, moo... Baby Jesus we love you
R - Baby Jesus... I love you

--- 4 ---

{Did I mention we are big on Christmas carols?}

E - Hark the herald angels sinngggggg
{something something we cannot understand}
to the newborn kinnggggggg
{more of the same}
God and Savior reconciled

Me - E it is SINNER not Savior

E - Oh…
{more words being strung together}
Joyful all yeeeeeee nations rise
{more stuff we cannot understand being put to the tune}
Christ is born in Bethelem

Lee - Did you just say hamsters?

E - Ummmmm….

--- 5 ---

{Discussions during post rest snuggles with E and R}

R - Noooo.. nuggle Papa
{crunched up nose and face}
R - Elmooooo, Yeessssss!
{huge smile}

--- 6 ---

{While going through E's school folder}

Lee - Another party?
Me - Who?
Lee - Is that all they do? Color, sing and have parties????

--- 7 ---


Me - Does R have a stink?
Lee - I don't think so...
Me - Ummm... yes she does
{goes to room to change R, I follow}
Me - Whoa! You could not tell she had a stink from the way it smelled it here?
Lee - It smelled pretty normal to me?
Me - So it always smells like a dirty diaper to you????
Lee - Well you know Chicky...

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  1. Ha, love the new lyrics to the Christmas songs :) Cecilia does that too, although none of hers have involved hamsters!

    1. I suppose it is not out of the realm of possibility that some form of rodentia was in the cave when Christ was born, right?