Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cottonelle Fresh Care Review

Awhile back I read about BzzCampaigns and I signed up to be a BzzAgent soon after. This review is all my opinion (and some of my opinionated family members) and I received a free pack of Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes and the dispenser and some coupons - so leave me a comment if you want to give these a whirl and I'll mail you a coupon : ) 

Nice and compact dispenser

Bathroom before Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes

Bathroom before Cottonelle Fresh Care wipes
Looks a bit different, don't you think? The baby wipe bag was there really for E and any others who demand an occasional wipe. The girls bathroom has a pack of wipes ALWAYS but when E started taking rests in our room, she decided to start patronizing our bathroom which was not always equipped with wipeys. 

Box Top!
We LOVE a good Box Top around here so we cut it out and added it to our collection. 

Fresh Care wipes loaded and ready for use

Loading them was super easy

Now for the good stuff...

I was a bit skeptical of the Fresh Care wipes. Are they really necessary? Would they really be that much better than the baby wipes. I soon learned yes for a few reasons. 

A. The Fresh Care wipes have a nice clean fresh - not too scented - which baby wipes do not have.

B. The Fresh Care wipes dispense much easier than the baby wipes. The opening on the Fresh Care dispenser only allows one wipe to come out at a time. With the baby wipes sometimes you have to dig around for the next wipe and depending on the day you might get more wipes than you need. 

C. The Fresh Care dispenser is more ascetically pleasing than the wipe bag. Not that I am horribly concerned about how the back of our toilet looks but you know it is true!

D. The Fresh Care wipes are the perfect moist-ness. When you get to the end of the baby wipe bag the wipes are increasingly wet - not the case here. 

To be honest, I have gotten used to having the Fresh Care wipes around our bathroom that I kind of miss having them available in other bathrooms - not to say I use them every time, but they are a nice option to have. I will definitely continue using them and I am hoping that Sam's Club carries the refill packs. 

Here is what the peanut gallery had to say about them:

Papa - He is a fan of them for sure. He definitely appreciates the dispenser more than the bag.

E - I asked her if she liked them and she said yes because they smell like deodorant. Not sure why she thinks she knows what deodorant smells like but I cannot argue : ) 

Also, I will have to do some investigating on the baby wipe side but I don't know if baby wipes are technically 'flushable' because they may or may not have stopped up the girls potty a few times a while back. The Fresh Care wipes are flushable so that is another added benefit!

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