Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings...

Well people it happened. It finally happened. Well not finally kinda of more like, really? Already?

Friday M rolled over. Like it was no big deal. Just arched her little back and whoooooop…. rolled right over and thought she was the cool kid in town for doing it. And continues to roll from tummy to back and loves it EXCEPT when she bang her head on the floor because Mama did not put a blanket under the mat… {bad mom}

AND while we are venturing down the road of really???? how about M rocked it out and slept from 9-6 Saturday night?!?!? Crazy, right? YES! Now I don't have any expectations she'll have continued repeat performances any time soon but here's to uninterrupted sleeeeeep!!!!

Finally, can we discuss how R's birthday is less than a month away. I mean the girl will be 2. That is also mind boggling!!! I think she's good for an Elmo and Abby cake. Maybe with yellow frosting? Not sure which of her little friends will come and I don't think she'll mind too much. I am thinking we (Lee and I) will take her somewhere or do something just with her because the thought of another toy-object in our house is - - - well let's not get complainer-ish - - -

So with my newfound sleep I have been reading this super interesting book which I'll tell you about on Wednesday and I've been making good progress on Papa's stocking

I think we have a winner-winner-chicken-dinner for M's stocking….

Like it? Got any other ideas???

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