Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Desperate Times Call For…

{insert drumroll here} PLAY-DOH! {of course} 

Usually I reserve the rights of all Play-Doh playing for when a sitter is here with the girls because I really cannot stand the potential for mess it gives them super special to do. But desperate times call for Play-Doh, don't you know!

However, today I joined the ranks of the cool moms and broke out the Play-Doh. 

I knew I would have to have a number of tricks up my mom sleeves because school was canceled today and even though the snow is not getting here until noon-ish. 

Play-Doh took up a good hour of the morning. Which was good. Fingers crossed hoping I don't think R consumed all too much Play-Doh. M needing feeding during the Play-Doh-ing so I am not 100% sure. 

All round good times. Then it was on to PBS Kids. 

Then the part about Play-Doh that I dislike… Cleaning up the dried up little colorful specks 

Well it was not so horrible I admit. Maybe we'll do it again… tomorrow because they did enjoy it and it kept them occupied and they were not fighting. 

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