Friday, January 24, 2014

I am blessed

Just feeling the need to write this down after the craziness of the week

I am blessed...

by God

because the grandparents divided and conquered E and R so that Papa and M and I could go to Charleston for a mere 40 hours for a work trip

because I work for a company that lets me bring my babies to work and on work trips?!?!!?! {yes it is quite amazing}

because my hubby is super supportive of my semi-working, semi-stay-at-homing

because we made it to a gas station {that was actually open} at midnight with less than 2 miles to go with gas in the van on the ride back from Charleston

because the big girls did not meltdown while we were gone and hopefully did not overly stress out the grandparental units

because we got to enjoy the 2.5 inches of snow that shutdown schools for a day

because we all have coats and hats and a house to keep us warm on these frigid days

because M did not wake up while we went out to dinner while Jibbe stayed with all three girls - I was a nervous wreck for the first 1.5 hours of being gone over this point

because I have a fantastic chef-of-a-hubby who rocked out some cabbage rolls

because I have kids who go to school and even though these 2-hr delay days drive me ABSOLUTELY insane some days… I would not trade the kids for a less hectic schedule

because people at the bank get a big chuckle out of me telling them we hopefully will have more kids… I love my bank and the ladies who work there!

because my first ever Rocky Mount friend is getting promoted to the rank of 30 this weekend

because tonight was NOT bath night - I live for non-bath nights

because Jibbe let me drop R off at the store for 1.5 hours this morning while E and M and I went to the office for a super important meeting that was not effected by the 2 hr delay

because I have a crazy pregnant friend who offered to take both E and R for the duration of said meeting for me.. but I would never let a pregnant woman have a 4, 3, 2, and 1 yr old in the house alone

because who does not need a few great mama friends?

because my kids love to sing

{this is how it went down this afternoon; totally out of the blue}

R - {whispering} Yesssss Jesu love me… Bible… sooooo

{E on repeat for the duration of the ride; R chiming in with her whispers}

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  1. My husband is a deacon too! My life isn't as crazy because my kids are 28 and 21, but it is crazy enough! Come by and see me at Home In Douglas!

    1. I thought you life gets crazier as your kids age : ) Just in a different way. Always good to 'meet' a deacons wife!