Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WWRW - Volume 8

Team Captain

Yet another NT Wright...

He finished this book in 2 sittings...

This just came in the UPS truck today...


Since M wowed us all and has been getting into the groove of sleeping in the evenings I decided to pick up a book out of the EXTENSIVE library in the 5th bedroom (otherwise known as Papa's office).

If you simply read the title of this book and blow it off because of the title you are judging a book by its name - and in this case you are missing out. The book is totally focused on the 'Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution' and the information is presented in a clear, well-documented, nonjudgmental way. I am not done with it but definitely a good book to kick off the year with.


Cute book. I don't think E really gets the point of the story and it is a bit long so there cannot be a whole bunch of noise and activity otherwise she is very distracted.


Okay so this pic is just slightly old… maybe by about two months BUT it is related. Fortunately R has not been such a book-wrecker since she and E got more than a handful of books for Christmas. They got some Clifford and Curious George books among others. But the Clifford and George books are not the Clifford and George books that we read growing up. They are more like hybrid books. Example… the Clifford I am used to goes something like this… I am Emily Elizabeth and this is my dog Clifford.

It is just weird opening up up a book with an expectation of reading one thing and then you get something a bit different.

Anyways, E and R totally are in love with the George books so that's what's important and that's what we are reading : )


Not into the book scene quite yet....

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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  1. Wait! The new Clifford books don't start with "My name is Emily Elizabeth..." What the heck? My reading suggestions are usually not as erudite and educational as what you and Team Captain have been reading. Check out what the other linkers read though, they always have great ideas!

    1. Just renditions of Clifford if it does not start with "my name is Emily Elizabeth" no way it's the really thing, right?

      Yeah the hubby reads AN INSANE amount of books each month it makes me thankful for our Amazon Prime Membership but in his defense he does need material for his homilies so while the quantity is out of control - it is justified : )

  2. The Adam and Eve book looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!