Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Favs... We had an Act of Kibbe Congress kinda morning...

Morning like these make me appreciate mornings that are not like these....

1. E had a crisis

She came out of her room in tears because she hurt her foot. Then in process of trying to take her mind off that she hurt her toe.

2. E had another crisis

She saw M in her Christmas pajamas and LOST IT. because she and R were not wearing their Christmas pajamas. Which is funny because I was upstairs sorting through spring clothes noticing all the clothes M and R could match in and E would be left out and then she would be way mad. Why does E LOVE to match R? I don't know. It is not me people, I promise.

I'll take 3 of everything you got that matches... 4T, 2T, and 3-6 months...

3. E could not decide what she wanted to eat

Seriously? Yes. Seriously. Finally she decided on something with Papa while I was in the shower

4. E and R did not finish eating until 7:50

Yup... A whole 20 minutes late. I have found if we are pulling out of the driveway at 8:10 we are golden... That did NOT happen today.

5. E had a crisis

This time about what to wear. So finally I decided for her which resulted in another... Crisis. Who is excited about uniforms next school year? MOI!

Lesson learned. It is mostly my fault when we are this late because I A. should have showered before 7 and B. should have packed snacks the night before. And since I have adopted a new don't-be-a-complainer attitude for 2014, all I will say is.... I LOVE mornings when I am on top of things.

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