Friday, October 14, 2011

What is Normal...

Is there ever a normal when you are a mom? I wonder this sometimes. When do I feel normal? I think that being a mom takes some getting used to. I went from being responsible for myself for 23 years to be responsible for... a small little person - soon to be two.

Snuggling with little E is normal now. Getting frustrated when she won't close the frig door and the ensuing tears are normal to me. Making time to go outside and play in the sand and go on walks is normal. But I'm still getting used to it. We have  routine now and it is normal.

I used to come home from work and mess around the house and maybe go on a run and that was my normal. I used to ride in my little grey car with the windows down with the music turned up and sing along - but definitely don't do that with E in the car. Although, when I am by myself and I catch a good rock out song I will totally turn up the music and feel normal - well my old normal.

I have a new normal now that is not really a normal because everyday holds something new. A new word, a new crisis that is causing a meltdown, newfound things that fascinate a toddler (and otherwise I might look over) this is normal. E is teaching me to be more observant. The smallest things get her so excited. She was playing in the sand and then decided to put the sand under the microscope of her eye and got really close to the sand and started picking the 'trash' (otherwise known as leaf bits) out. Then she tested out the comfort of the sand and just laid there - in her sandbox - almost like she was in her crib. Finally to give another one of her senses a buzz she took a lick of the sand - gross I know, but really believe in trial by error. She figured out sand is not a member of the 5 food groups and I helped her get the sand out of her mouth and then it was business as usual in the sand - moving the toys from the sand box to the sand table and back.

Its certainly been an adjustment but I'd take my new normal over my old normal any day.

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