Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration to Clean...

I will be the first to admit that I need a little motivation to clean. Working and chasing after a toddler and being 23 weeks preggo-lishous  having 1. energy and 2. time to clean is challenging - to say the least. Lee is obsessed with Dyson products and when he found this handy dandy hand held vacuum he was all over it. I was skeptical because of the price but Dyson DC 35 Multifloor is worth every penny. I think I have used it 100 times more than he has.

Why do I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum? - After our kitchen renovation from the winter we have fought to kept our manfactured hardwood floors clean. It shows ever single piece of dust and the Dyson is has been the solution to the problem. It has a great swivel head to easily get under the cabinets and a long handle to get under the table and chairs without moving too much furniture. Also, while I have it out I zoom from the kitchen to E's bathroom and then zoom zoom over to our bathroom. Seamlessly between carpet and kitchen/bathrooms! This process takes all of 5 minutes and I do it every night because it is so easy! There is this little see through vac-pac container where all the dust and dirtilies are captured - this motivates me even more to maintain my routine of cleaning. Did I mention this is cordless!

Tonight I made an even greater discovery... Side note I realize this machine will not take the place of a regular vacuum but I had to try it out in E's room because the 'trash' queen who lays on the floor and picks up microscopic dirt particles found 'trash' tonight. It is difficult to vacuum her room in the first place because she is usually sleep or awake and requiring attention so her room is not usually vacant. I turned on the bathroom fan and crossed my fingers and entered her room with the Dyson on and ready to get all the 'trash' off the floor. Zoom zoom around, peaking in the crib to make sure the noise is not bothering baby - and bam! DONE! The Dyson, the 'trash' and I all made it out of the room with no regrets. Hopefully that will tide us over until the real vacuum time.

I heart our Dyson handheld!


  1. If the Dyson is that great, I need one! Our entire house is white tile and with two boys and a 100 pound dog, they get so messy. I usually sweep everyday and then end up on my hands and knees scrubbing food and mud spots- I need floors that don't show dirt or something that makes cleaning them easier!

    By the way, I saw your post on strollers. Did you pick one? We have two double strollers and I did a lot of research before I finally decided!

  2. The Dyson will certainly help out with the dust/hairy dog issue but the food spots are an issue in our house. Seriously considered getting a Scooba by iRobot but the reviews definitely not great and the machine which is a get idea, did not seem worth the money. White tile is rough in terms of showing dirt - we have dark manufactured hardwood and have the same problem!

    Definitely have not gotten a double stroller so I could use the advice. A friend of mine has two that are 2 years apart and the older hates the stroller she got and she struggles to get the stroller in the back of her Suburban!!! We only have an Explorer. Now my friend is considering a City Mini - I think its called??? She is going to check them out before getting it. Another friend with 5 kids said a double jogger is a must but I just see them being really cumbersome in terms of getting through doorways - maybe that is me being silly. So please enlighten me with your stroller expertise!! : )