Monday, October 17, 2011

Stroller Update...

Lee and I and little E ventured to our local Babys R Us - no there is not one in the Mount who are you kidding : ) - to check out the stroller situation face-to-face. Now, I have been told that the double jogger is the way to go - though I am still not 100% sold on the idea but I am getting closer. When E and her little friend from MMO were having a play date - really play dates are excuses for moms to get together and talk - we got to talking about double strollers and I was introduced to the City Mini double. This jogger got raving reviews on Babys R Us and Amazon sites so I had to see it.

Lee is not the kind of guy who will just tell you he likes something even if he doesn't - he will tell you what is on his mind - and this stroller even impressed him. We compared the City Mini to the Baby Trend single inline. Weight is about the same. The CM allows both babies to fully recline whereas the BT does not. The CM has an attachment - that is not included of course - that allows infant carrier to lock right in while still allowing other baby/toddler to have full view. The BT suggests the infant carrier go in front and toddler go in back so there is a limited view. CM folds and unfolds very easily and the BT is not as easy but not horrible. E willing got in the CM and wanted to ride more but forget it when it came to the BT. I am sure she would eventually get over it... but still it is interesting.

So definitely not sold one way or the other and I still have time to make a decision. My goal is to not buy one that we will use for 2.5 seconds and then realize we should have spent the extra $$$ and gotten the better option. Thoughts? Opinions? C'mon moms of 2+ kids help make my decision!!!


  1. Sorry I never got back to you earlier, I do all Internet stuff from my phone and it takes a rather long time to type. In regards to strollers, I think the biggest question is what you plan to use it to do. Do you walk a lot outside? Do you mainly use it on even surfaces? Do you plan on ever going on long walks? Do you need it to be super compact to travel easier?
    We have a double jogger, the Schwinn Turismo, that I love! I never run with it, but it does great on our daily walks which are around a mile or longer. We also walk through fields to get to a park so it is great on the bumpy surfaces. We also have a Graco duo glider (I think that is the name) that fits easily in our Jeep Liberty. I actually don't find myself using the Graco as much as I thought because we just do not go many places.
    A few things that I looked at: I wanted real wheels, not plastic ones. Plastic ones fall apart easier and I did not want to mess with that. I also wanted the stroller to easily fit through a door and they both do that.
    Hopefully that helps?

  2. Oooo... thanks for the info! Definitely still have some thinking to do. I'm not planning on actually jogging with the double jogger - just walks which does include some grassy spots. Can you fit your Schwinn into your car too?

    Still my biggest reservation about the double jogger is going into public places... Mall, stores etc but I guess I really don't take E out that much. I guess I am just overanalizing the whole thing.

    Props to doing all internet related stuff from your phone. That is impressive!