Tuesday, October 25, 2011

E Update... What's Going on at 17+ months

Snuggly with Papa (and the NiNi of course!)

Its been awhile since I have given an update on little E - or big E as Lee keeps telling baby #2 : )

E 'needs' her own chair when we go outside and play

E has been talking up a storm. She is beginning to string together her thoughts into 4-5 word sentences. "I hold it" etc etc. She is still blabbing quite a bit too. She knows animal sounds for cows, ducks, dogs and horseys - she thinks goats say moo too. She is very inquisitive and will point at things and say "This?" and want to know what it is. E will see a pic of a baby or see one in person and say "Babee" - its really cute. I think she is going to make a great big sissy.

In other news, E took a long hiatus from the potty but is now at least semi-interested in it. I have guesses as to why this is which I will make a separate potty post later. We are still using M&Ms as potty treats or 'treats' as E calls them - no success in the past week but I am not really that worried about it.

Can you find the be-be???

E can be helpful with wash. I'll have to do a separate post dedicated to her helpfulness

She is quite Miss Independent. For example, E does not like just half of a banana - she wants to hold the whole thing with the peel on too! Fortunately she will let me peel it. She does not usually like help eating anymore though if it is really good or really desperate or really tired she is most inclined to want help. She is not particularly picky about what she eats. She loves to say things are 'hot' even though they may just be warm. She also thinks things that are cold - like fruit out of the frig - are hot too - but she is working on cold.

Have I mentioned she is obsessed with shoes??? She is dying to get into some of my heels!
 This weather has made it interesting trying to dress her. It is super cold in the morning - to the point she needs a 'coat' but then it is quite warm in the afternoon for playtime 'outside' in the 'sand'. I have found some pretty good deals on clothes for her too thanks to MCP. Mom and I ventured to a consignment store in Raleigh but I like My Cutie Patootie alot more.

She is working on her eye teeth at the moment - not like you can tell but she is into reading and still a very destructive page turner.

Actually being snuggly with me - and the NiNi.
Dressed for church, waving to the camera

Finally, I must tell of our adventures from last Friday. E and I left for work earlier than normal because MMO was closed - which was fine because we has our first playdate with a friend from MMO. As we are leaving I turn out the lights and we go to leave as usual and bam! and screaming ensues. E has a habit of dragging her horsey around the house and on her way to the door she tripped over her horsey because it was dark! Blood, sweat and tears... Well not the sweat part but she busted her lower lip - not horribly enough to get blood on her clothes and require some frozen bag from the freezer - which she hated. After a good cry a snuggle with her NiNi (Knee-Knee) E was good to go. Now at work she loves to go through my desk - which is fine because there are worse things she could get into - like the samples of fertilizer in the other room. Don't worry she does not even get close to them they are packed in boxes. So in my desk I have lots of fun and exciting things like stamps, ink stamps, and an ink pad. To add insult to injury on her already sore lip E decided to kiss the ink pad or something! We rush to the bathroom - wash her lips and mouth out just in case and put the ink pad and other associated ink products in E proof places. Point taken, lesson learned - 1. Don't turn off the lights until everyone is out the door and 2. Ink + Toddler = No Bueno

So happy to have Papa back from his trip. Random dance around the kitchen after breakfast (I LOVE my life!)

Multi-tasking on the horsey and playing with the maddening farm on the frig. 

Also, E has been gotten her first birthday party invitation from one of her favorite friends at MMO so I'll keep you posted on how she does!

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