Friday, October 28, 2011

Vote For E! Vote For E!

Okay people... we have seven days let to push E into the winner's circle of the Pottery Barn Kids costume contest. $100 Gift Card is at stake. This may not seem like alot but when everything at PBK is quite $$$ that can mean something.

You can vote ONCE a day! Here is the link one more time...

So you should know that I selfishly entered the contest with the intent of buying this glider.

When I was preggo with E I wanted a glider/recliner - something and I took the cheap way out and am slightly - well, definitely - disappointed with the recliner we got. Then I was at PBK (I love that store) with a friend of mine (while I was not pregnant or nursing) and sat in this glider and this is it. There is nothing else that needs to be said about this glider one you sit in it. It is so plush and comfy and a great place to nurse and 'rock-rock' (as E would say).

BUT, I have had a change of heart/mind whatever... I told myself if E wins the contest then I will bow out and get her something nice (likely as a Christmas present). I have it narrowed down to two things. Both equally cool...

Option #1 - Anywhere Chair

E does not have a chair/seating that is her size and I know she would appreciate a chair for her. Now she sits on her plastic flower pot to play her piano.

Option #2 - PBK Stove

E needs project and I think having her own kitchen to cook on would provide much needed entertainment for E and get her out from under our feet in the adult kitchen.

All that said, we need your vote to make an option possible so vote. It takes 2.5 seconds. And, I would love your feedback on which option you think E would like more!!!

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