Saturday, October 22, 2011

Game Plan... Ready, Set, there is another BABY coming so get with the PROGRAM!!!

Okay after a recent talk with a super super super amazing friend of mine who is no longer in my time zone - which is a major problem when we start a conversation at 11 pm - we decided that I need to actually get with the program and deal with the fact there will be a new baby here in 14-18 weeks. Its not like Lee and I are not ready but we're kinda not. No NB diapers (should note the morning after I actually wrote this post one of E's friends moms gave me a pack of NB diapers!!!), no onesies that will fit/be warm enough. Not like these cannot be easily purchased 2 days before baby K #2 comes but my friend and I decided that I needed to actually have these things in the house so I can 'feel ready'. I know its just a matter of getting these simple things but I went to 2 consignment stores over the weekend and got a few steals for E but new baby did not even cross my mind. What is my deal???

Latest pic of baby K #2

Maybe my brain is overwhelmed with 1. being a mom, 2. being a wife, 3. working - maybe just maybe but that does not change the fact that I need to change number one to being a mom of two. So I have a game plan for the essentials - though I know not finding out the gender complicates things a bit but women did not find out for centuries what they were having and survived. I also have a game plan for when we get home. Fortunately E will still be going to MMO. Then there are the sleeping arrangements. Lee might be camping out with E for awhile and baby and I will be in our room - which is a big change from the last time. E and I had our own room for night feeding and we semi-co-slept after she finished nursing I wrapped her in the My Brest Friend for my own peace of mind. Hopefully I can do something similar with this baby.

E in our nightly sleeping arrangements : )

Reading you may think, well sounds like you are on the right foot. Yes I think so too but I still have not wrapped my finger around the fact there is another baby coming. I know this yes - as I sit here with heartburn - there is a little person growing inside me but what is the reality of this? I think that is the heart of the matter. I have no clue what the reality of  another baby will be. Will this baby be high maintenance or really laid back? How will E react to new baby? Am I ready for sleepless nights for a few weeks? How is this baby going to change Lee and mine relationship?

Its not like I think about or worry about these things everyday or even that often. Its only when I am asked about it or if I have time to think about everything. It is important to think about but not worry about situations. That is why I  think it is necessary to articulate a plan of action so the worry is not oppressive.

Don't worry, just know that worry is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum - right?

Find someone you trust, put your issues on the table, come up with a plan, put plan into action, revise plan as needed. I have plan so now I am accountable!!! Woot!


  1. I came from a really big family and you'll be amused by how much and yet how little your family will change with another kid. I can't give you advice, but your post reminded me of my family when I was much younger and I'm certainly thinking of you. Good luck J.

    Madeline M.

    PS: you are a much braver woman than me. If I were in your shoes, I'd be in denial until the very end. :-P

  2. I have heard the transition from 1 to 2 is the most challenging and from man-to-man (2) to zone (3) is a challenge but not as difficult. I'll keep you posted as to my thoughts...

    I think all this came about when my friend basically called me out - in so many words - and told me I was in denial : )