Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Britax Sale!!!

Okay all you mamas who need/use convertible carseats - Listen up you need Britax and there is a great sale going on for Britax on Amazon and Target. No I am not an official spokeswoman for Britax but I would be. Britax are so easy to install/use. The straps are actually heavy fabric like regular seatbelt straps that you actually have to work at to twist and get tangled. They are super safe and now you can get a great deal on them.

I cannot say that we'll be getting one now because we are saving our pennies for that stroller and Baby #2 won't use a Britax convertible until Aug-Nov.-ish 2012 - but if you are in the market for a carseat go with the Britax - you will not be disappointed.

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