Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go!!! --- A Book to be Read in Utero

A friend of mine gave us this book when I was pregnant with little E and it is a GREAT one - if you love Dr. Seuss and who does not like Dr. Seuss! I got this off the shelf last night and Lee read it to baby #2 for the first time. I LOVE it when Lee talks to baby and this is just another way for baby to know even though he/she is not with Papa all the time (like he/she is with me!!!) he still loves him/her just the same. It seems like there are an increasing number of preggo-ilous friends so this book is a must have. If you're not pregnant then you probably know someone who is who would appreciate this little guy.

Also, this has gotten Lee and I thinking about all the Dr. Seuss books that we don't know the casts of characters for. We see them in E's room (her nursery theme is Dr. Seuss) but we don't know probably over half of all the books he wrote. There's The Sneetches - which I have vague memories of, some book about a house on Mulberry street - I have no idea, and McElligot's Pond - definitely remember its a good one but I have totally forgotten the plot.

With St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, and Theophany coming up I have a funny feeling more Dr. Seuss books will be in the Kibbe family future. Got any suggestions? For now, E loves The Foot Book and more recently There's a Wocket in my Pocket - or as she calls it 'Pot-kit'. Love her!


  1. Bears on Wheels and Dr. Seuss' ABCs (both of which my mom and I can literally recite verbatim)!!

  2. We'll have to check those out! I think I can make it through Green Eggs and Ham with only looking at a few pages. How are you doing/feeling???