Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almost new month, Definitely new scent

As November is fast approaching it was time to change our Yankee Candle Scent! I got a recommendation of scents from Kate! She definitely knows how to pick them too. I went out searching for the Farmers Market scent with my $10 off coupon in hand (search Yankee Candle coupon and you should find it). I was a bit skeptical of the scent just because the name is one of those Yankee Candle scents that is a bit non-descript of what the scent actually is. I mean when you buy Christmas Tree you know you house will smell like a Christmas tree.

So Farmers Market is an excellent warm fall scent because its scent is layered with apple and citrus and cinnamon and vanilla - or at least that is what I smell. Basically the most perfect November scent in anticpatation of all the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving.

Definitely open to suggestions for the next scent we will need - which is for the time probably between Thanksgiving and Christmas - and no we do not put up our tree in November so Christmas Tree is not can option that the scent after next!

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