Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turning 2...

As mentioned in a previous post one of E's MMO friends has turned 2. Her mommy had this really cute/made me emotional with Happy Tears status that night. Basically along the lines of... she put her one-year-old to bed for the last time that night and when she woke up the next morning her little one-year-old had turned 2!

I know its probably (well definitely) the preggo hormones kicking in but still makes you grateful for everyday you have with your one-year-old while they are still 1! As well as wonder about what life will hold with a two-year-old.

Then Ms. K - she is the wonderful/amazing/most-lovingest/bestest MMO teacher/manager/director EVER reminded both me and E's friend's mom the next day as the Goldfish party was going on at MMO... that with another one on the way there will be plenty of more nights of putting one-year-olds to bed. So true!!!  

MMO - LOVE IT... you need it in your life.

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