Sunday, October 23, 2011

E is going swimming again

Well E and I ventured out to the Y to sign up for swim class again! She and Papa are going to start in November. Don't think anyone needs/wants to see my 7+ month preggo-lious tummy plus who does not love father-daughter bonding! When we went to sign up E of course had to check out the pool again since it had been awhile since she had been to the Y pool. Over the summer she got in a swimming pool one time - yes people one time. Yes I am married to a pool man and yes my mother-in-law has a pool and no Papa and E did not get in that pool once this summer (mainly because it is being renovated - but still).

Makes me think about a customer of ours who owns a Harley-Davidson dealership here in town. Every single time he comes to the store he is driving his truck - not a motorcycle. Finally one day when there was not 1,00000000 people in the store I asked him why he never rides his motorcycle here. He looked at me and said - "Don't make your hobby your career." I don't know if I totally agree with that statement but I can see not wanting to mess with motorcycles or pools or anything that you are around for 40+ hours a week.

I will be interested to see how E handles the pool again because when she and I got in the pool over the summer, screaming and tears ensued. Eventually she got in but clearly was not comfortable. So here's to chasing after plastic eggs and insanely high levels of chlorinated water!

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