Monday, October 10, 2011


So I picked up little E from school/Mother's Morning Out this week and she was looking so cute wrapped in the teacher's arms with another little girl - both were asleep and the teacher probably would have been asleep soon to : ) I LOVE LOVE LOVE MMO. I need it in my life for a variety of reasons 1. I need to work and 2. I need to maintain sanity 3. E needs friends.

Old pic... Same sentiment...

So despite E's amazing cuteness I was told that she went to timeout for the first time. Bummer. I don't have a perfect child - haha. So apparently she was told to stop doing something and did not. And she knows what Stop and No mean - it generally takes some stern NOs and a stare down and stopping said action to get the point across. Well this time E did not stop so to timeout it was. Now, when E is told she cannot do something and she knows you are disappointed with her - she LOSES IT. 100% cannot take it. I think she is more upset that you are upset with her than she is about not being able to do want she wants to do. Anyways, E was so torn up about this that she made herself sick! Such is the life of a 16 month old. I think she is a crowd pleaser and I am definitely not opposed to setting the standard and enforcing rules early - that way is a base line.

Hopefully timeout will be avoided in the future and after her first time there I'm pretty sure that she knows that the teachers are serious when they mean Stop. : )

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