Saturday, March 3, 2012

My lifesaver... A must have for getting things done

This Beco baby carrier is such a huge lifesaver. E lived in this for months and now R I'd taking to it. This morning I needed to finish vacuuming and R wanted to snuggle so just strapped her in and hot done!

Also I have been able yo carry E while wearing this too - no pic of that though


  1. We love the BEco too! But I think yours is the Butterfly? We have the Gemini which supposedly is more versatile but you can't have little babies in it (at least I would not put a little baby in it!).

  2. Sprinter vans now Becos what's next??? : )

    I have not heard of the Gemini sounds interesting. I had to have a carrier for little ones because E wanted to be close all the time and at work it was the best place for her. I tried the a few other carriers but they all hurt my back at the end of the day because there was not enough support...