Thursday, March 8, 2012


Okay not exactly but I am very excited about dressing the girls in matching outfits - not all the time but occasionally. Well we got one step closer to being able to courtesy of my sister in law. It will be a while until E and R will fit into their Hanna pajamas but still it's getting the matching juices going besides the fact at Hanna pajamas are the bomb - hey there's an old word for you. Please note how insanely bigger E's are compared to R's!!!!!

I remember growing some friends of my and I would try match our clothes and then wanted to see if people thought we were twins - yeah we were super cool. My hope is that E and R will be great friends and find games like that fun and make memories together since they are close in age.

I think for our first matching feat I will try for Easter... Stay tuned for that one!

Another side note, all you twin mamas out there... More power to you! When I was preggo with E I thought twins would be loads of fun. Now I the thought gives me heart palpitations - not that we would not love a two for one special but seriously I don't know how twin mamas do it.

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  1. I used to want twins... And then I had two boys a year and a half apart. No thank you to two at once! And I love dressing the boys the same :)