Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Well we broke down and did it. We got a double stroller. The weather in NC has been IN-credible the past week and trying to go on a walk with E and R with a single stroller is basically impossible. E needs to be in the stroller otherwise the walk will take 5000000 hours and R needs to be in the carseat in the stroller because it is 100000 degrees outside and wearing her in the Beco is doable but not pleasant - for either party involved. I had my mind made up on the City Mini but I was not willing to fork out the $$$ and I would have to get the carseat adapter. So I have had my eye out on Craigslist but nothing...

Then get this email from Zulily or something like that and bam the double stroller to end all double strollers. I have not gotten this Zooper thing yet but I'll keep you posted. I am very excited... and I got a sweet deal

Also, E has been soaking up the amazing weather at home and at school. She LOVES outside ALOT. I'll have to post some pics.

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  1. Zooper is a great company and their Tango (double) has gotten rave reviews. I think you'll love it. Not to mention how beautiful it looks!

    Amy from
    Stroller Envy

  2. I am really looking forward to it. Enjoyed the review on your site!