Friday, March 30, 2012

Potty woes

So I have been trying to have E wear big girl underwear in the afternoons to get on this whole potty training thing. She has interest in the underwear interest in the potty and much interest in the potty treats but the combination of the three not so much.

Wednesday we had potty meltdown mania! When I got her up from her nap she fought me about putting on underwear and screamed for at least 20 min over it and refused to sit on the potty and wailed for a diaper. I was in the mood to play along and not back down because I knew she needed to use the potty she just did not want to actually sit on it. Then she had a minor accident which caused a major crisis but still she refused the potty.
We had a play date so I somehow got the underwear on and we moved outside. Everything was fine until there was another small accident which again she would not use the potty.

Now here is my dilemma... E is not even giving this potty thing a try anymore which leads me to want to just forget about it but she knows she needs to use the potty! She is just bring stubborn which comes courtesy of me so in my own stubbornness I don't want to cave because I think we could be at a turning point because now she knows the implications of not using the potty...


Yours truly...

The Stubborn Potty Mama


  1. We are having same issues. P went five days about two months ago of using potty then stopped cold turkey. Tried the whole every 30 min go on the potty and I swear she held it til she was off every time. I asked the dic at the two year apt and she said give it a break. A few friends are trying using dollar store prizes when they go instead of the m&m idea. The kids really want the toys so might try that way when I try again. Good luck! Oh yeah we also watch Elmo's pottytime. Doc recommended and that helped a little bit.
    Now to master bedtime with a toddler who hates sleep!Ugh!

  2. Katie - I think that is the most frustrating part is we know they can do it and they won't!!! For sleep training "happy baby healthy sleep habits" my sister-in-law told me about it and it is great. It is rough at first but its all about a routine and getting kids enough sleep. Overtired babies/toddlers is HORRIBLE! Have you transitioned to toddler bed? I am dreading that but so far E has not tried to fly the coop... yet!

  3. Well we have an extremely active toddler to the extent that at five months the doctor said she had never seen a more active baby. Anyway I read and tried about seven methods and none really worked. Finally had to take her nap away at around 21 months and she is still awake til 830 without any meltdowns until we get to the bed then she gets angry. Just a very active kid who hates sleep and needs way less than me!! Will check out that book again though might work on our newest at least! Thanks for the tip! Loved the dad pic tonight. I agree dads and their girls are wonderful!!

    1. Yikes!!! No nap!!! More power to you. Naps are crucial to my sanity : ). Don't get me wrong E is not asleep every night at 7... She reads, sings, holds court with her animals and will do that for sometimes up to an hour but she is definitely not screaming her eyes out. I think she enjoys the time she has to herself. Maybe baby two will be a sleeper! You deserve it