Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bath Tubbies

As previously mentioned asynchronous as E loves bath tubbie night Lee and I do not like it. Maybe when we do not have a screaming infant to bathe and can out both girls in the tub together it will be better. Nonetheless we like for the girls to be clean so we power through bath nights like champs!

E loves her bath Tubbies nights. I think she would take two baths a day if we would let her. She gets to eat yogurt on bath Tubbies nights too because she is still mastering the art of using a spoon. I still put her in the toddler tub which my sister law call her teacup. - I think I'll have to check that! Why the teacup? Why not? E does not complain and I don't have to worry about her standing up and slipping. Anyways we load up the tub with Elmo bubbles and her animals. Let me make a sidenote about those- this is he'd third set! The first ones molded horribly the second set was so hard that you could not squeeze them at all. This set seems to be a winner but they are still new. Once the playing is over the actually cleaning process varies in drama levels. Sometimes E is open to the soap and rinsing other times she is not. Now she loves having her back rinse. I have no idea! Then it's hair drying time- this added set is getting more time consuming as her hair get longer. I am thinking first haircut will be before Easter. Nothing major just a trim.

Other important note about E's bath - it is infinitely easier when Jibbe is here because E loves her bath Tubbies even more when her Jibbe gives her a bath. Probably because they sing and talk about the animals and E stays in the bath for at least ten or fifteen minutes. Also it gives me a chance to feed R or help Lee clean up the kitchen so I love bath Tubbies when Jibbe is here too. Even though the bedtime schedule is off when Jibbe does bath Tubbies it is such a huge help to me that I really don't mind

Then there is R. I really just have assistance with the set up and clean up for R's bath. Another person at the sink and another set of hands are just slowing down the already traumatic process. This is much different than E's early baths because I always wanted someone else there to help but I guess I am more confident now. R is not a fan of bath Tubbies and that's pretty much all there is to say. The process is easier if everything is laid out - wipes, new diaper, diaper cream, lotion, pajamas etc etc. Then Ivan get her dressed ASAP and fetcher calmed down.

Still can't wait until E and R can have bath Tubbies together!

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