Monday, March 12, 2012

Scent of the Month

Well I am way late posting this. E and R and I ventured out to Hallmark to use this sweet Yankee Candle coupon (BOGO on a large jar). We really needed our March scent because the February scent was long gone. E has taken up an interest in candle picking out. We got the March and April Kibbe fam scents. For March E and I decided on Beach Flowers rather we settled on it because we wanted some Meadows scent but they did not have it in the right size!!! And it was green and March just seems like it deserves a green candle. I think all the ladies at Hallmark got a kick out of E smelling all the candles with me : )

Don't forget to vote for the April scent of the month!

 And as usual my Scratch Disk is full so I cannot take a screen grab - grrrrrrrrrr....

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