Sunday, March 25, 2012

R Update - 6 weeks?!?!

Its hard to believe little R has been here for 6 weeks. That is insane! Life has been... hmmm crazy! We have been back in the swing of 'normal' for a month. R and I go to work and E goes to MMO. It is working out well. E has been talking up a storm but I will try and keep the post mostly focused on R. In other family news, Lee has been charged with making sausage for a church fundraiser so that has been keeping him busy and our freezer smelling like sausage!

Fresh baby!

Proud Papa

Hello world!

Going home

Family storytime

Obligatory small baby pic


Back to the baby at hand. R is super cute - clearly. We have gotten into a night time schedule - not routine yet - though I cannot wait to start sleep training when she is about three months. I started off with that because being able to get some sleep at night has not made me go into zombie mommy mode. R started off nursing 3-4 times a night and has now cut it to 1-2 maybe 3 times. I am doing the co-sleeping with her- for now. E loved to sleep in the My BrestFriend but R would not have anything to do with that - same with the swaddling wrap - E loved it and R is not a fan.

Going to work R is a sleeper either in the infant carrier or Beco Baby carrier - love that thing! She eat once and then is out. I just got both pack and plays set up at both jobs so that I can put a mobile and let her have toys for when she is awake.

Other random tidbits of info...

Thank goodness for those Infant gas drops - those have been a lifesaver. R got some for Valentine's Day.

Papa has introduced the bottle to R. Just so I can ummm.. take a shower in peace. R is not a super huge bottle taker but it is still early. She really fought it the first couple times but now is okay with it.

R has started expressing herself. She coos occasionally and has smiled a couple times. I watched her sleep this morning before I got out of bed and she had the best expression from huge grins to super sad I'm about to cry now faces! She has not really found her thumb or fist yet. She loves her swing and probably could sit in it all day (unlike E). R is generally peaceful and quiet but when she wants to eat watch out because she will pipe up with her lungs - something we have been accustom to thanks to her big sis.
Big sis supervising
Yawning/screaming sisters

Snuggling before night nights

Directing the orchestra before church

Tummy time + tea time courtesy of E

Where's R? E going all out on this sharing concept!

Enjoying time on the mat

My sleeping partner otherwise known as the bed hog of 2012

So big already!

Sister love!

Oh and R is a super major bed hog

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