Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Papa's Stocking Update

Here's what we got going currently:

Remember I had the pattern mirrored so all of our stocking toes face the same way?

In other stocking news. E announced she wants a different stocking... Dream on child. 

I cannot stop thinking about what baby #3's stocking will be. I have a boy stocking picked out but of course this baby is a girl - right? So guess I should pack that pattern away for a rainy day. 

I don't like the top border and text style on Lee's stocking... at all. I am looking through the Kooler stocking book the girl's stockings are out of for some inspiration/guidance. Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

Finally, I have been been comparing R's stocking and Lee's and I am thinking I used a different size cloth. Lee's cloth seems to have a tighter weave. So, now I am wondering if it was an accident and I picked up the wrong size OR if I looked at the pattern size on his and chose the size that would make his stocking about the same size at the girls stockings.... Time will tell I suppose!

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